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Xu Wei (Shansing), a Blue with Green referred to Four-color Personality Analysis (FPA), has a sharp mind and chases after perfection, but is lazy at times. He upholds liberty, equality, science and pluralism. Not taking the college entrance examination as the principal contradiction, he is devoted to seeing and improving himself instead. He has catholic tastes except sports, with a development direction along Information Technology.


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My name is Xu Wei【Note: "Xu" can be pronounced as "Hsu"[sju:], and "Wei" as "way".】 and I was born in 1998. I am online with the name of Shansing【Note: “Shansing” is a self-made word from Chinese words Shanxing, which can be seen as the abbreviation for Shanshande Xing meaning the twinkle star.】. I am a student from Leiyang City【Note: Leiyang is a county-level city belonging to Hengyang City, Hunan Province.】, which is said to be the hometown of Cai Lun, an important improver of papermaking technology. Also, I am living now in Leiyang City.

I am a computer nut and like sour as well as spicy. I am also fond of reading and, well, Super Mario Bros. As to sports, I think I just like breathing exercise【Note: It here means sleeping.】. I like Information Technology best and I have learnt much about it. I am also going to be in an industry related to IT in the future. I want to thank my school most because I do not have any IT lessons. By the way, I would like your help and the most beneficial help is to overthrow my school.

When I was in kindergarten, preschool and primary school, my grades were extremely good and I had become an example in class. I often served as a class cadre or a representative of a subject, and I won awards like "three good student" in every term【Note: As a result of changes of schools, I did not receive some of the certificates.】. I set up my own weblog when in Grade 4. And when in Grade 6, I set up Shansing Space the Chinese blog, which is still alive【Note: I had blogs of the same name before, so I emphasize "still alive".】.

After graduating from primary school, I went to a boarding school. When in junior high, I still often served as a class cadre or a representative of a subject, and I was always computer administrator in class. Still I often won awards like "three good student"【Note: Now I have the opinion that the previous "three good student" awards count while the ones after primary school were really undeserved, because I was not good at sports.】. Yet I started to have a sense of unease and began to "rewrite"【Note: Now I prefer "improve" the word to " rewrite ".】 myself. When in Junior 3, I became a member in Eximius【Note: It calls itself a team of Internet technology, involving front-back end design, network security and even Flash games.】 to know some like-minded peers, who and I are studying together and sharing happiness. I have chosen to study the science subjects, ready to fall into the pit of IT.

Computer works include Classic Star the wallpaper【Note: Actually the files have been lost.】, Switch of TopDomain the program and Steward of a Classroom the software… Well, nothing else seems to be presentable.


I am sorry that I am not able to provide an English version of this part due to my poor English. You may click here if you understand Chinese.

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