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Note: New About is released. This passage is posted in memory of the old one.

Hello. Nice to meet you! Let me introduce myself.

I'm Shansing and from China. The word "Shansing" is invented by me. Haha. It is from the Chinese word SHANXING and the word SHANXING is the abbreviation of SHANSHAN DE XING meaning "Twinkle Star". Yes, I like the song "Twinkle, twinkle, little star" although it is not the main cause of my name. You can call me Xu, too. Xu is my family name but my first name; it is China's custom.(Really?) It is certain that I prefer you to calling me Shansing.

I like both Chinese and English. I want to learn English well because I am going to work as a ITer. Well, I like information and I also like technology, so I like Information and Technology.

Oh, my email address is i<script type="text/javascript">document.write('@s');</script> I am looking to hearing from you.

Since there is some differences between Chinese and English culture, let's study together and remove misunderstandings. :-) And there are also some mistakes in my blog, please help me find them.

... It remains to been added.

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