One Time Payment VPS or Web Hostings from Cloudatcost

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It may seem unbelievable that there is a company offering "one time" payment VPS or web hostings, but there do be -- Cloudatcost. And the price is also reasonable.

For example, you just need to pay $7 one time, and you will get a VPS with 1 vCPU Core, 2 public IP, 512MB ECC RAM, 10GB SSD, 1 Gbit Network and unmetered monthly transfer! Or, you pay only $2 for a cPanel web hosting with 10GB storage and 1TB data transfer! Sounds tempting, doesn't it?

Yet pay attention to its data center, which is located in Canada. And the company might be closed at any time due to the cheap price.



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  2. Ben Ben

    It's absolutely a useful article, witch shows me such a great discount although I'm not intend to purchase one.

    1. Thanks for your support, anyway.

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