Install BOINC for Linux and Control It on Windows

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Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing, aka BOINC, is a system of volunteer and grid computing. We can install boinc-client for Linux VPS (in this post, Debian 9), and control it remotely on our own Windows PC.

All the following steps are under root the user.

Install boinc-client

The default source of Debian 9 already includes boinc-client. Let's install it directly:

apt install boinc-client

However, if you want a newer version, you may want to install it from the source stretch-backports. One way to add the source stretch-backports is to execute:

sh -c 'printf "deb stretch-backports main" > /etc/apt/sources.list.d/stretch-backports.list'
apt update

And then install boinc-client:

apt -t stretch-backports install boinc-client

Configure Reomote Managing

Remote GUI managing is not allowed by default. We need to new the file /root/cc_config.xml with the following contents:


And write the password of managing to /root/gui_rpc_auth.cfg.

Configure Firewall

If you are using firewall softwares, you are supposed to accept TCP 31416.

Run and Test



And see if there is information saying "Config: GUI RPC allowed from any host". If there be, that's good. Then press Ctrl+C to exit it.

Excute this to run in background:

boinc --daemon

If that does not work, type:

boinc --daemon --allow_remote_gui_rpc

After that we can install and run BOINC Manager on our Windows PC to connect it.


Those steps are for a simple intention. If you want more security, or want to start boinc-client automatically when VPS rebooted, consider using service.

And what's the most important is that some VPS service providers do not allow computing programmes like BOINC. Please read ToS (Terms of Service) first. And even if BOINC is not denied, it is strongly suggested to set computing parameter manually -- set the CPU time limited to below 30%.

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