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It is recommend that we detect DNT (Do Not Track) according to the HTTP header. Howerver, if you insist on detecting DNT with JavaScript, there does be a compatible but experimental way.

The codes are following:

var DNT = 'unspecified'; //default
if(typeof navigator.doNotTrack != 'undefined'){
    DNT = navigator.doNotTrack;
}else if(typeof window.doNotTrack != 'undefined'){
    DNT = window.doNotTrack;
}else if(typeof navigator.msDoNotTrack != 'undefined'){
    DNT = navigator.msDoNotTrack;
}  // DNT can be null, 'unspecified', '1', '0' 'yes' or 'no'
if(DNT == 'yes'){
    DNT = '1'; // Do not track
}else if(DNT == 'no'){
    DNT = '0'; // Please track

if(DNT != '1'){
    // DNT disabled, do something...

Or, if you do not consider "Please track" (DNT=0), you can just use the codes:

if(!!navigator.doNotTrack && navigator.doNotTrack!='unspecified' || !!window.doNotTrack || !!navigator.msDoNotTrack){
    // DNT enabled
    // DNT disabled, do something...


2018-7-20 P.S.Another form of codes added.

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