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Although I have written Hello, world! to proclaim the blog's birth, actually this blog was under construction at that time. But now, I am glad to say Shansing! is now available! Shansing! has a new look and several pages now.

The greatest problem I solved is the language display. The programme I use, Typecho, is from China. What's worse, it does not support English. But I really like it because it is simple and fast. It is much faster and easier than WordPress, I think. So, I had to change the words here and there, on the skin, in the plugins and in the internal programme. Finally and luckily and successfully, I did it.

Well, that's all. What you are visiting is Shansing!, a weblog that belongs to Shansing.

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  1. It's nice to see your blog took the first step of globalization lol :lol:

    Well, I am wondering what type of this blog will be used, just a Chinglish(lol, I was joking) version of, or a separate site?

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